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Chicago Legends, The Plain White T's Are Breaking Up

By Anonymous posted March 14, 2017

    A shockwave rippled through the music industry early Thursday morning, as Questionable News received various reports that the Chicago super-band, The Plain White T's, will soon be breaking up. The Plain White T's have been established as music royalty, with heart gripping songs like Hey There Delilah. That song is a memorable tale of some guy wanting love so bad, he takes a train to New York and gets some, something that all of us can relate to, at one point or another. The main reason for the reports of the Plain White T's splitting ties emerged from their drummer De'Mar Hamilton, after he reportedly got down and dirty with with the wife of Tom Higgenson. Tom has been known to be a loving guy and an avid bowler, claiming he once scored 300 points in one game!

Here at Questionable News, we've done some of our own digging on the matter. We have dug up a Tweet of De'Mar Hamiltons, and it is truly shocking, offensive even.

Mr. Hamilton has split his band apart, ruined the marriage of Tom Higgerson and, quite frankly, put the entire city of Chicago on edge. Harry Caray is a God in this town, and De'Mar Hamilton ignored this fact. So to Mr. Hamilton I say, you can take away the marriage of one of the greatest bowlers of all time, you can even take away our band. However, this city needs Harry Caray more than ever, and if De'Mar Hamilton thinks he can take him from us, he's lost his mind.